Strange objects found in Scottish sewers

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Winnie the Pooh teddy in sewerScottish Water
A Winnie the Pooh teddy bear was found dumped in a manhole in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

A large Winnie the Pooh teddy, a bike, a pair of jeans and a snake were some of the unusual items found in Scotland's sewers last year.

Scottish Water said it had dealt with more than 40,000 blockages in the drains and sewer network.

It said mobile phones, jeans, false teeth and underpants had all been flushed down toilets.

jeans in sewerScottish Water
A pair of jeans caused a blockage in Stirlingshire

It also found a pink bicycle, a fax machine and a big Winnie the Pooh teddy had been dumped down manholes.

Scottish Water said it costs more than £7million a year to clear the blockages.

bike and fax machine in sewerScottish water
A pink bike and fax machine were dumped in a drain