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Volcano erupts in Indonesia affecting 100,000 people

More than 100,000 people have been forced from their homes after a volcano erupted in Indonesia.
Indonesian soldiers have wrapped up Buddhist monuments - known as stupas - at the ancient Borubudur temple in Central Java province to protect from volcanic ash.
Cone shaped statues wrapped in material
People living in Malang in the East Java province of Indonesia have been forced to flee their homes because the Mount Kelud volcano, in Yogyakarta, erupted.
People covered in ash
Clouds of ash can be seen from miles away. Authorities say two people have died because of the volcano.
Ash clouds seen over the roof of a building
Roads are covered in thick layers of ash and it's made the air thick and smoggy.
Man clears a road covered in ash
Several families are having to stay together in evacuation centres set up in safer areas. This is a temporary shelter at Sumber Agung village.
Families sitting around in a room
The volcano erupted on February 14 2014 sending an ash cloud 10 miles (17 kilometres) into the air.
Village covered in ash
More than 100,000 people have been moved from their homes.
Evacuees in a room
Three nearby airports have had to close because of the ash. Mount Kelud is 140 km south of Indonesia's second biggest city Surabaya. The cloud from the eruption was seen as far as 9 km to the west, and forced the shutdown of airports at Surabaya and the cities of Yogyakarta and Solo.
Plane covered in ash
Three nearby airports have had to close because of the ash.
airport covered in ash
The head of volcano monitoring agency Muhammad Hendrasto, said the mountain erupted late Thursday, just about 90 minutes after authorities raised its status to the highest level.
Mount Kelud ash cloud from a distance