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Sinkhole swallows eight rare cars in America

A massive sinkhole appeared under a rare care museum in America, swallowing eight of the vehicles.
A massive sinkhole opened up beneath the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky in America. It swallowed eight rare and expensive cars!
Black corvette hanging in sinkhole
It happened while the attraction was closed so luckily nobody was hurt.
Cars poking out of dirt and rubble
Six of the cars were owned by the museum, but two of them were on loan from General Motors, said museum spokeswoman Katie Frassinelli.
Cars in rubble
The museum is located near to the factory where the iconic Corvettes are made, around 150,000 people visit the museum every year.
sinkhole in museum
"All of these have a unique story behind them,'' said museum executive director Wendell Strode. "They're special.'' He said one of the cars that fell through was so treasured its owner never drove it in the rain.
Sinkhole in the musuem
The museum owners say the cars are insured, but it will be some time before they can open up that part of the museum to the public again.
Fancy car in the museum next tot he sinkhole
When the ground collapsed it set off an alarm and an automatic call to the fire department, said Bowling Green city spokeswoman Kim Lancaster. The sinkhole appeared in a part of the museum which has a dome-shaped roof.
Fire engine next to the museum