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Meet Buzz the old dog that learnt new tricks

You have probably heard a grown-up say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but one dog owner went to great lengths to prove you can. Check out the pictures.
Meet Buzz, he's 11 years old and that's pretty old in dog years. A lot of people like to say the phrase 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' as a way of saying that it's hard to change lifelong habits or opinions. But, Buzz's owner wanted to turn the phrase on it's head - literally! So here's Buzz learning to sledge!
Buzz the fog on a sledge
Buzz, who lives in Grand Fork in America with his owner Ann Flowers, also learned to play ice hockey.
Buzz on an ice rink with a hockey puck
Buzz is definitely ready to catch his dinner here isn't he. Ann also 'taught' him to do a spot of fishing.
Buzz with a fishing rod
Another relaxing hobby he learned to do was bird-spotting.
Buzz bird spotting
And we reckon this came in handy for Ann after she 'taught' him to mow the lawn. That could be very dangerous but luckily, he's only paws-ing (posing - get it?!)
Buzz the dog on a lawn mower
Now this has got to be the most fun trick right? Buzz learned to fly a kite too.
Buzz flying a kite
Doesn't he look smart here as he plays the piano
Buzz playing the piano
Buzz's owner Ann is a professor at a university but in her spare time she has lots of hobbies and she wanted to have pictures of Buzz doing the things she loves - like sewing.
Buzz with a sewing machine
Ann said it can take weeks to get Buzz to pose for each of the photos, but they were both patient and managed to take one for every month of the year.
Buzz meditating
She said Buzz loves the attention he gets for posing for the funny photos.
Buzz wrapping presents
Ann said they both had lots of fun taking the pictures and Buzz was spoiled with treats, she said: “He has learned that all he has to do for a treat is find the right pose and do what I want him to do.”
Buzz snowboarding