President suggests renaming Kazakhstan

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Astana skyline in KazakhstanGetty Images
The city of Astana in Kazakhstan used to be called Akmola

The President of Kazakhstan has suggested changing the country's name to encourage more tourists to visit.

He suggested Kazakh Eli, or Kazakh Nation, would be a better name - although he would only change things after a discussion with the people that live there.

Map of Kazakhstan
Would Kazakh Eli tempt more visitors?

What would your rename your home?

  • Does the name of a place change what we think of it?
  • What would you rename the place where you live?

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I live in Grimsby and I think it's a bit boring and not many people live here, so I think they should rename Grimsby: 'Happyville!'

Chloe, Grimsby, England

I would rename my village Leckhamsted to Leekstead.

Lauren, Leckhampsted, England

I wouldn't change Glasgow's name. The meaning suits it: beloved green place.

Ameerah, Glasgow, Scotland

I wouldn't change my home name as our area fits with the name we've got.

Chloe, Leamington, England

I would rename my home as Hilltop Herne Hill because it's a cool name.

Jessica, London, England