What do you think about Simon's return to The X Factor?

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Simon Cowell to return to X Factor

Simon Cowell is going to return for this year's British version of The X Factor.

The superstar judge has been working on the US version of the hit show for the last three years.

But it's been announced the US version won't be returning for a new series either.

It's not yet been confirmed who else will be joining Simon to make up the rest of the UK judges.

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What do you think about Simon Cowell's return to The X Factor?

Will it be great for the show? Or would you prefer if he didn't come back for the new series?

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I this it's good that he is back, he is a little too harsh on people but he speaks what he thinks which is good.

Melissa, Cumbria, England

I'm so surprised, I can't wait!

Tara, Luton, England

I think that Simon is a spoil sport and ruins people's dreams so I would prefer if he didn't come back.

Malikah, Yorkshire, England

I think it's great for the show that Simon Cowell's back, but not so good for the contestants who'll have to face his wrath!

Jesvita, Nottingham, England

I think he's a good judge, although he can be too judgemental sometimes. When he thinks someone has talent, he will do anything to make them successful.

Ross, Glasgow, Scotland

I think it will be good for The X Factor. When you think of The X Factor, you think of Simon Cowell!

Amy, London, England

This is perfect! He formed One Direction as a band, and they've gone quite big over the past years. Simon Cowell is a great judge :)

Zakia, Boston, England

I think it might be a little bit harder on all the people that want to be a singer because he is so harsh on everyone.

Oscar, Waterford, Ireland

I think it's so funny when Simon says the honest truth if they're bad. I do feel sorry for the contestants but it makes the auditions a bit more funny.

Emily, London, England

I think it will be good but Gary Barlow was good too. They both are/were because they say what they think, honestly, rather than just saying, 'you're amazing!!'

Poppy, Southampton, England

Oh no! He is back!

Chaira, Staffordshire, England

I think if Simon Cowell comes back it will make the show better because he shouts at people and it is funny.

Kyle, Gloucestershire, England

I think that he is a good judge as he gives constructive criticism and tells the truth. Although sometimes he can upset people.

Finty, Lancashire, England

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