Your school sport questions for David Cameron

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Your questions put to David Cameron

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that primary schools in England will now get around £9,000 each year to spend on school sport until 2020.

It will be up to head teachers to decide how they will spend the money.

We asked you, if you could ask one question about school sport to the Prime Minister - what would it be?

Martin met with David Cameron and put some of your questions to him.

Earlier Jenny went to a school to find out more about what kids would want with the extra money.

The National Union of Teachers, who look after primary school teachers, said they welcomed the news, but because lots of primary schools don't have specialist PE teachers, the extra money doesn't add up to much.

A spokesman from the Labour party criticised the government's record on school sport saying: "David Cameron has jeopardised our Olympic legacy by removing the requirement that primary children do two hours of sport per week."