Bionic hand that can 'feel'

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Bionic handPatrizia Tocci

A man has become to first person to use a bionic hand that can feel things like a real hand.

The electronic hand has been fitted to a man from Denmark, who lost his hand in a firework accident.

It's the first replacement hand in the world that can tell how hard or big objects are by touch.

Even when blindfolded, Dennis Aabo said he could feel things he held and after tests with scientists in Italy, said his new hand was "amazing".

bionic handReuters
The bionic hand can feel things it holds.

Even though it's a big step forward, the bionic hand can't feel lots of things real hands can feel - like how hot things are or if they are smooth or rough.

The hand was connected to nerves in the man's arm, and the big scientific development is the computer software that sends messages to his brain.

He said: "The biggest difference was when I grabbed something I could feel what I was doing without having to look. I could use the hand in the dark."