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Pictures: Is this the best paper plane ever!?

Check out these amazing pictures of a model plane... made out of paper!
Designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has created this model plane - but what makes it so special is that it's entirely made out of paper!
Model plane
These are some of the seats that are inside. Luca assembled it all by hand, just using glue, tweezers and thick paper.
Plane seats
Just one of these seats took about eight hours to make!
Seats and luggage compartments inside the plane
This close up of the wheel shows just how much detail there is in the model and the hard work that went into making it!
Plane wheel
Here's the cargo door for all the luggage to go in.
Cargo door
Luca's love of planes and a class at school about model-making inspired him to make this creation.
Side view of the plane