Comments: Which epic challenge do you dream of facing?

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Andrew Cotton surfingAP

It's been an adventurous few weeks on Newsround!

We've seen a 16-year-old who trekked to the South Pole, a man who ran from coast to coast in Canada, and possibly the biggest waves ever surfed.

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Andrew surfed on this enormous wave

We asked you epic challenge would you like to take on.

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Your Comments

I would have to choose going around the world in a boat.

Lewis, Hazel Grove, England

I would love to go swimming with sharks (Great White Shark, Tiger Shark or Bull Shark). I think that Sharks are beautiful creatures just living in their natural habitat.

Bradley, Chesterfield, England

I want to try Sumo wrestling but I want to go to China to do it, I would also like to visit Mars!

Morgan, Leeds, England

I want to take on the challenge of becoming a contortionist, which is weird but fun!

Elly, Eastleigh, England