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Adventurer finishes 'the world's toughest triathlon'

A top adventurer has just completed an amazing triple feat which could be described as the world's toughest triathlon!
James said the monster bike ride was the most mentally challenging part of his adventure. Here he had a pit stop as he cycled across America - at this point there was nothing but desert for miles and miles!
James' bike propped up in a desert scene
You might think it was a lonely experience with nothing but sea and sky to keep him company but James said he was actually amazed at how many different things he saw, including sharks and schools of fish and this very friendly sea turtle that came to say hello.
Sea turtle by the boat
He pushed himself to cycle at least 100 miles every day, passing through dozens of countries including Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and so on, before ending back up in the UK in February 2014.
Bike propped up against a sign saying 'Australia's longest road'
He made it back down in one piece luckily enough, so he set himself the next challenge - to cycle 18,000 miles around the world. Here he is in India.
James Ketchell on his bike in India
The higher the altitude the less oxygen there is in the air and as James got further up the world's tallest mountain he said the air was so thin he felt sick and dizzy and couldn't think straight.
James and a fellow climber on Mount Everest
There it is the highest point on Earth!
Mount Everest summit
He even found the end of the rainbow in the middle of the Atlantic! Hmm wonder where the other end is...
Rainbow ending in the sea
And when he reached the top of the world the sun shone brightly down on him. Imagine how amazing that must have felt... But then he had to go all the way back down again!
Views from Mount Everest
Ah there it is! The other end of the rainbow in Australia. So what next for James? Well, he's not slowing down he's planning a tour of the UK telling school children all about his adventures, before heading off on the next challenge to row the Indian Ocean. Phew!
Rainbow in Australia
James said the most physically challenging part of his adventure was climbing up here. But the views were spectacular...
Mount Everest
In 2007 James Ketchell was in a terrible motorcycle accident, he injured himself so badly doctors warned him he may never walk properly again. But, James wasn't going to let that stop him go on the adventure of a lifetime... the first challenge he set himself was to row across the Atlantic Ocean. He rowed 3,000 miles through all weather and all seasons.
James Ketchell rowing wearing a santa hat
For the next challenge James set his sights on Mount Everest. Why not? Not even the the sunburn AND frozen beard could stop him. Brrr!
James Ketchell with a frozen beard