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Scotland's traditional festival of fire 'Up Helly Aa'

Up Helly Aa fire festival is lighting up the Shetland Islands in Scotland where thousands of Vikings are marching through the streets.
1000 locals dressed as Vikings take to the streets for this famous event to celebrate Shetland's Viking heritage.
Up Helly Aa Festival
The tradition began in the 1880s and has only been cancelled during the First and Second World Wars and on the death of Queen Victoria.
Up Helly Aa Festival
The Vikings take part in hours of performing acts and dancing in halls throughout Lerwick.
Up Helly Aa Festival
The event begins when the Guizer Jarl, who is the Chief Guizer, leads the men through the streets of Lerwick.
Up Helly Aa Festival
As part of the day the Jarl Squad sing historical songs. The Up Helly-Aa Song begins like this: 'From grand old Viking centuries Up-Helly-A' has come, Then light the torch and form the march, and sound the rolling drum: And wake the mighty memories of heroes that are dumb; The waves are rolling on.
Up Helly Aa Festival
In 1956 children were invited to join the event to prepare them to participate in the main Up-Helly-Aa fire festival when they're older. The Junior Guizer Jarl and his squad march along their route cheered on by the adult Guizer squad. They also build their own Viking boat with the help of their teachers and parents.
Up Helly Aa Festival
The Viking warriors are known as the Jarl Squad and visitors from around the world come to watch them march.
Up Helly Aa Festival
On the last Tuesday of January each year, Scotland's Shetland Islands celebrate Up Helly Aa fire festival.
Viking boat in flames
The Vikings set fire to their longboat during the event as a way to mark the heritage of the Scandinavian Vikings in Scotland.
longboat and flames
At the end of the day, participants in full costume pull a Viking longboat through the streets to the edge of town where the Jarl Squad throw flaming torches into it.
Viking with a lit torch