Ukraine parliament votes to scrap anti-protest law

Last updated at 09:03
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Duncan Crawford reports from Kiev in Ukraine

The Ukraine parliament has voted to scrap a controversial anti-protest law.

It was brought in two weeks ago to try and stop anti-government demonstrations but the introduction of the law angered protestors.

Under the law, protestors were banned from wearing helmets and blockading public buildings.

Ukraine's Prime Minister, Mykola Azarov, has also offered to resign, alongside his cabinet members, in order to satisfy protestors.

When did the protests start?

Protests in the capital Kiev started in November last year but have become more violent in recent weeks with unrest spreading to other parts of the country and some protesters taking over government buildings.

The unrest started because the government wouldn't sign a deal bringing the country closer to the European Union, choosing stronger ties with Russia instead.

They then introduced controversial anti-protest law and the clashes with the police got worse.

At least five people have been killed in violence linked to the protests.

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