First picture of new Doctor Who costume released

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The first picture showing Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi in costume, has been released.

The new Doc will wear a dark blue coat, dark blue trousers, white shirt and black shoes.

Talking about the outfit, Capaldi described it as: "Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100% Rebel Time Lord."

Your comments

Rocking that look!

Kevin, London, England

I know a lot of people miss the bow tie and the fez, but the thing is they will always belong to Matt's Doctor. Pete Capaldi's Doctor will no doubt get something that becomes special to him, like the boots or something.

Tom, York, England

I like it. It's sort of sinister but really cool.

Danae, London, England

Cool boots, cool jacket but let's see him in action!

Henry, Wrexham, Wales

I like it. I think it fits him quite well. I'll miss the bow ties but it's a different person. Don't compare him to Tennant or Smith!

Zoie, Missouri, USA


Ollie, Warwickshire, England

I really like his new outfit, he looks amazing!!! He looks like a real Doctor now.

Rhys, St Helens, England

I didn't expect the doctor to be this dark! I was expecting a less 'jumpy' doctor then Matt Smith, but this seems a bit intimidating. Either way I am sure Peter Capaldi will do well. It is about what his character is, not his costume.

Mustafa, Watford, England

I like it! Classy, but needs a fedora... definitely needs a fedora.

Millie, Sussex, England

I think he looks really smart cant wait for the new episode.

Peggy, Kent, England

I like the costume but I think it's a bit boring. There is nothing special or unusual about the outfit. Where is the sonic screwdriver? However I love the Dr Marten shoes!!!!

Demi, Feltham, England

Reminds me of Jon Pertwee's (third Doctor) costume!! I love it!

Tom, Hove, England

I don't like it. It's too complicated and he hasn't got a fez!

Ella, Nottingham, England

He looks like Count Dracula or Edward Cullen from Twilight.

Sara, Tunbridge Wells, England

Absolutely bonkers, which is why I like it so much!

Sam, Reading, England

He should wear a bow tie.

Ashley, Hadley, England

It's no way near as good as the old one. For a start he's missing the bow.

Maisie, Leicestershire, England

I miss the bow tie and we think it looks like a sailors outfit! Cool boots though!

Class P6, Inverness, Scotland

We don't like the new costume too much but the jacket does look quite stylish. Hopefully it'll suit the 'new' Doctor.

Mr Clark's Class, Hull, England

It's cool but not as good as last year's. The all time best outfit for me was Tom Baker!

Maddie, Manchester, England

He looks more like a wizard than a Time Lord!

Haqnawaz, Sheffield, England

He looks like an action goth!

Suheil and Saeed, Sheffield, England

I like it, I think it looks quite smart, it's really cool!

Ffion, Pembrokeshire, Wales

It looks simple and stylish, like the traditional Doctor. It suits him!

Jonathon, Sheffield, England

It looks better than Matt Smith but still not as good as David Tenant.

Daniel, Sheffield, England

The costume looks amazing, better than the old Doctor's costume it really stands out.

Jessica, London, England

It has a 'no mess' and blunt look to it (yes I think it is rather boring and plain) but I'm guessing it will suit (no pun intended) his new personality.

Charlotte, Darwin, Australia

I think this costume is terrible, it doesn't suit him. It does NOT even look like a doctor who. They should add some special effects to it.

Mina, England

It is VERY rebel time lord, I guess it's okay but the older one is a bit more memorable.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

We think that this looks smart, we especially loved the shiny Doctor Martens!

Amber Class, Peterborough, England

Elm class wonder if his sonic screwdriver is also going to be red? The shoes look cool and we think he looks very smart and well dressed. He doesn't look as scruffy as the eleventh Doctor. Overall though, we like it and look forward to the new series.

Elm Class, Collett School, Hertfordshire, England

The Jacket looks cool. I like the red lining.

Leo, Hampshire, England

Most of us are not sure about the new look. Could he do with a hat? It's too old fashioned.

The HUB, Tyne and Wear, England

I think it looks really cool, because it matches him. But I'd have to watch an episode to fully make my mind up.

Malachi, Cambridge, England

He looks like a vampire!

7BM, Windsor, England

I like this costume and the way it looks like Jon Pertwee's costume (the 3rd Doctor). However, I think he should wear a bow tie or a tie or something.

Felicity, Southampton, England

I like the Doc Martin shoes, but I will miss the bow tie!

Katie, Singapore

This doctor looks very awesome.

Johnny, London, England

I really like it but I think it's a bit boring. It makes him look kinda old.

Abbi, Hampshire, England

Well it's okay but not that okay because nearly the whole thing is covered in black and there are so many buttons.

Mary, London, England

I think it is so cool and the way he is standing is awesome! I am a Doctor Who nerd and this is one of my favourite suits that the Doctor has ever worn.

George, Brighton, England

Wow looks cool I like it!

Bethany, Suffolk, England

I thinks its too plain because it's dull. No bow tie no Dr Who.

Joe, Wiltshire, England

Now that looks awesome!

Hadi, Hemel Hepstead, England

It suits him and it is really cool.

Hanna, London, England

I think it is quite cool! But where is his sonic screwdriver?

Erin, Scotland

I like them black but them red just doesn't fit according to me.

Casey, Bolton, England

I do not think it is as good as the old one. He does not have the proper look.

Angus, Guernsey, Channel Islands

I think it's kinda old and I like Matt Smiths better, but we just have to wait till the new series starts to find out.

Bob, Harrogate, England

The coat is so cool.

Anthony, Liverpool, England

I like this costume but just change a few things like the top and shoes and add some special gloves.

Tiffany, Milton Keynes, England

I think he looks old.

Orla, Northern Ireland

I think his coat doesn't suit him because I'm used to his coat being grey.

Lexi, Leicestershire, England

I absolutely love Dr Who. The new look is really cool but I seem to prefer the older one.

Dana, London, England

I think it is a lot different than the other clothes the old doctors had.

Bobbi, Ramsgate, England

It is epic!

Scott, Southampton, England