Should energy drinks be banned in school?

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Energy drinks have been banned at a school in Manchester to try and help pupils be healthier.

John Vincent, a government adviser on school food, thinks the mix of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks can damage children's concentration and health.

He's called for more research into the effects of the drinks.

Gavin Partington from the British Soft Drinks Association says the drinks "are not designed for children."

Your comments

They should be banned because we aren't allowed them at our school and we can concentrate perfectly well. Plus there are healthier drinks you can have instead.

Becka, Derby, England

We are not allowed energy drinks in school, because the teachers say they are not suitable for us. I think we should be allowed them because they could give us more energy so we feel more awake and concentrate better in class.

Emily, Derby, England

I think energy drinks should not be banned because they give us energy and that's what we need in class. They should only be given in small quantities though.

Josh, Berkshire, England

I think that energy drinks should not be banned because you need energy for school but on the other hand it could make you ill.

Courtney, Angmering, West Sussex

Yes I think they should be banned because it can disturb a child's education and they do say that only adults can drink them.

Saara, Manchester, England

No they shouldn't be banned because they taste nice and help me concentrate. People should be allowed to drink what they want to drink.

Laura, Felixstowe, England

I think energy drinks should be banned, because children will not concentrate and lose marks on work.

Salman, Kent, England

They should not be banned because they are a good stimulant to wake you up in the morning.

Bazza, Essex, England

I think they should be banned because they have more caffeine and sugar than fizzy drinks. For some children, they will get really hyper so they won't be fully prepared for their next lesson which will affect their education. On the other hand in physical education like track and field, basketball or swimming they need to have loads of energy and enthusiasm.

Natasha, Birmingham, England

No I do not think they should be banned because they help kids when they need a little boost.

Samuel, Newquay, England

They already are in our school. We much prefer it. There's no need to have energy drinks in school, our lessons are very energetic anyway.

Class S2, Brentwood, England

I think that energy drinks in schools should stay, they help pupils stay alert and concentrated.

Courtney, Truro, England

I personally don't believe that they should because we need motivation and energy from somewhere. If they did it'd encourage more children to become disobedient and go against school rules.

Rob, Portsmouth, England

I think energy drinks should be banned because they will make everyone hyperactive, so they can't concentrate on their tests.

Nathaneal, Bromley, England

I think students should be allowed to drink whatever they want but they should only be allowed to drink water in lessons.

Hamnah, Walsall, England

We're not allowed energy drinks at our school anyway. I agree with John Vincent, they can damage your concentration.

Osha, West Midlands, England

I think they should be banned because it is giving you lots of waste energy.

Liza, Nottingham, England

Energy drinks shouldn't be banned in schools because they keep you awake for the rest of the day, so you're more likely to pay attention?

Caitlin, Warrington, England

Energy drinks make me aggressive and give me a headache.

Luke, Clevedon, England

Energy drinks have already been banned from our school but I don't think it makes a difference because people drink them outside school anyway.

Kayleigh, Merseyside, England

They should banned in school because there's too much sugar in the drinks and it's not healthy for kids.

Charley, Cavan, Ireland

I think they should be banned if the children drink too much of them. Some children need to concentrate for their lessons at school.

Farsya, Birmingham, England

I think they should not be banned in school as we may need some energy. But sometimes kids in schools do get sick from them.

Jessica, Kent, England