Teen becomes youngest ever to trek to South Pole

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Lewis ClarkePA

A 16-year-old school boy has become the youngest person ever to trek to the South Pole.

Lewis Clarke, from Bristol, travelled 700 miles in temperatures as low as -40 centigrade and battled winds of up to 120 miles an hour.

Skiing for eight hours a day, he covered around 18 miles (29km), pulling his supplies behind him on a sledge.

He started the challenge on 2 December, two weeks after his 16th birthday and finished on Saturday.

Lewis has raised more than £2,000 for charity through the expedition.

He said, "I knew it would be hard but it's harder than I ever thought it would be."

"I think sometimes about how few people have done this. Only 300 in 100 years. And I'm doing it. That's pretty cool."

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