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Surf's pup! Dogs practise for paddleboard competition

Dogs and their owners prepare for a paddleboarding competition at Rio de Janeiro's Barra Beach in Brazil.
It looks like Ozzy the dog has perfected the paddleboard stance! His owner must be 'furry' pleased with him.
Ozzy the dog on a paddleboard
Selva the dog leaps from her paddleboard after practising for big race next month in Brazil. She's wearing a life vest in case the sea gets 'woof'.
Selva the dog
Polo the dog keeps watch as his owner tries out a yoga pose on their paddleboard off Barra Beach in Rio de Janeiro.
Dog and woman doing yoga on a paddleboard
Cool pooch Lily looks calm as she rides the waves. Competitors have to race around obstacles but are disqualified from the race if their dog falls into the water.
Lily the dog on a paddleboard
Jack the dog gets back on his board after a doggy paddle during preparations for the race which is expected to draw at least 50 dogs and their owners.
Jack the dog on a paddleboard
Dog lovers and their four-legged friends get to grips with some paddle poses ahead of the competition in February.
Dogs and their owners on paddleboards