Hull City boss threatens to quit unless name changes

Last updated at 17:11
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Hull City chairman Assem Allam has threatened to quit his role if he cannot change the club's name.

He wants to officially change the club's name to Hull Tigers but needs approval from the Football Association.

The club's nickname is the Tigers but some fans don't want the official name - Hull City AFC - to be changed.

Allam says the change of name would help market the club and make money for the football team.

Fans will vote on the change of name and pass the results to the FA which has the final decision.

Name change row

Fans' group City Till We Die say that Mr Allam is being disrespectful of the FA.

In a statement they said: "City Till We Die are disappointed that at a time when he should be making the positive case for change and showing respect for the consultation process, which is under way, instead he is issuing threats."

Allam has refused to back down and said he could soon be leaving the KC Stadium if he receives more criticism.

He said: "I'm here to save the club and manage the club for the benefit of the community. It will never be the other way round - that the community manage it for me."

"But if the community say go away, I promise to go away within 24 hours."

Mr Allam has lived in Hull for 40 years and he's been in charge of the club since 2010. He put tens of millions of pounds into the club which saved Hull City from going bust and helped make their way into the top flight.