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The Olympic Park in Sochi from the sky

Amazing areal view pictures of the Olympic park in Sochi, Russia where the Winter games will open on 7 February
The Iceberg Skating Palace (top) has been designed to mirror figure skater’s elegant moves on the ice. The arena will host both figure skating and short track speed skating. The Sochi Medals Plaza (bottom) can also be seen.
The Iceberg Skating Palace and Sochi Medals Plaza
This blue and white building is the Shayba arena, which will also be used for ice hockey games. It's named after the Russian word for puck, the rubber disk used in ice hockey, like a ball in football. Russian fans are known for shouting “Shaybu” when supporting their national hockey teams.
The Shayba arena
An estimated 25,000 volunteers will work during the games in more than 20 areas, with thousands more expected to attended. This is just one of the hotels that they can stay in.
The 2014 Winter Olympics are the most expensive games ever, costing over $50 billion. Here the Organizing Committee headquarters are on the right and the Russian Seasons Hotel Sochi in the Adler district of the Black Sea resort city of Sochi is on the left.
rganizing Committee headquarters and Russian Seasons Hotel Sochi
The Ice Cube Curling centre at the Olympic Park is the arena where British hopefuls Eve Muirhead and David Murdoch will try to win medals in the curling competitions. The arena can seat 3000 spectators, who will each be cheering for their favourite competitors.
The Ice Cube Curling centre
Alpine skiing, figure skating, snowboarding and bobsleigh are just some of the sporting competitions that will be held across two specially built districts or 'clusters', with 11 arenas. This is the Bolshoy Ice Dome at the Olympic Park, the venue for ice hockey. It can seat 12,000 spectators and will use heat transfer fluids that will create the arena’s ice surfaces.
The Bolshoy Ice Dome at the Olympic Park
6,000 Olympians from 85 countries and 1,650 Paralympians from 45 countries will compete in the games. Some of them will stay here, in specially constructed accommodation.
Sochi residential area
In just 22 days the Sochi 2014 Olympics Winter Games will begin. The Olympic Park in Russia will be buzzing with athletes from all over the world, who will go head to head to win Gold. All eyes in the sporting world will be focussed here. This is the place where dreams will become reality! An aerial view from a helicopter shows the Fisht Olympic Stadium, the Shayba Arena, the Bolshoy Ice Dome, the Ice Cube Curling centre, the Adler Arena and the Iceberg Skating Palace.
An aerial view from a helicopter shows the Olympic Park
The oval-shaped Adler arena has been designed to look like ice and the speed skating competitions will take place here. The walls have been made as transparent as possible, so that spectators can enjoy the views around the arena. The Sochi 2014 Olympics Winter Games will open on 7 February.
the Adler Arena Sochi
A new railway station has also been built near the Olympic Park.
A newly-built railway station in Sochi