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Pictures: Mount Sinabung volcano eruption continues

Have a look at the latest stunning pictures of volcano Mount Sinabung in Indonesia, which has been erupting pretty much non-stop since September.
The volcano has been erupting pretty much non-stop since last September.
Mount Sinabung erupts
Before 2010, Mount Sinabung hadn't erupted in 400 years!
People walking on ash-covered path
There is a 'danger zone' of three miles in force around the volcano.
Dog stands in mud
Mount Sinabung is one of around 130 volcanoes in the country of Indonesia.
Cows covered in ash
More than 22,000 people have left their homes so that they are safe from the volcano.
People on motorbikes
This stunning picture shows Mount Sinabung spewing volcanic ash and lava on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, south-east Asia.
Mount Sinabung erupts
The volcano began erupting again in September last year after lying dormant for three years.
Bicycle covered in ash
These people watch from a safe distance as the volcano throws up rocks and gas.
People watch Mount Sinabung
It's difficult to tell what these are, but they're coffee plants coated in dust.
Coffee plants covered in ash
These houses have turned grey from all the ash that's been spewed out.
Houses covered in ash