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Day in pictures - 8 January 2014

Check out Newsround's pick of the top pictures from across the world over the past 24 hours.
Circus performer Anastasia IV pulls a four tonne vehicle with her HAIR along the seafront in Eastbourne, Sussex. Don't try this at home!
Circus performer pulls car with her hair
Pope Francis watches a juggler during his weekly general audience at the Vatican.
Juggler in front of the Pope
This long-exposure image from Nasa's Hubble space telescope of a massive galaxy cluster is the deepest image ever made of any cluster of galaxies.
Hubble space telescope image of massive galaxy cluster
Archie the dog is pulled along on a boat by her owner at a caravan park that's been flooded in Chersey, England.
Archie the dog in boat
Mount Sinabung spews ash during a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, south-east Asia. It has been erupting for months, forcing more than 20,000 people to leave their homes.
Mount Sinabung spews ash
A total of 20,647 sushi pieces are arranged to set a new world record for the largest sushi mosaic. The record in Hong Kong, south-east Asia, is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a sushi chain.
Largest sushi mosaic world record
Over in Argentina, South America, this woman keeps herself dry from the rain by covering herself with a plastic rubbish bag!
A woman wearing plastic rubbish bag
A expert surfer rides giant waves off the coast of France. Certain weather conditions in autumn and winter result in massive waves 10-15 metres high.
Surfer rides huge wave off French coast