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In pictures: Amazing ice city opens in Harbin, China

A city made of ice is open to visitors in Harbin in China as part of a yearly snow and ice sculpture festival.
Some of the creations are based on buildings from around the world - from spectacular city skyscrapers to elegant temples.
Ice sculptures resembling skyscrapers and a temple
Recognise this familiar face? It's a frozen recreation of artist Florentijn Hofman's giant rubber duck which has been snapped floating past the world's most famous cities.
A snow sculpture of a giant rubber duck
Organisers say more than a million people visited last year's ice city and they're expecting more guests this year.
A skyscraper made of ice
The ice festival usually lasts for more than a month - but that depends on the weather! In a few weeks the sculptures will melt and the ice city will disappear until next year.
A city made of ice, illuminated in a rainbow of colours
When darkness falls the ice sculptures are illuminated in bright colours. Visitors can walk through glowing ice streets and even slip down a 240-metre-long ice slide.
A city made of ice, illuminated in a rainbow of colours
Visitors are braving temperatures as low as -29C to see the yearly display of snow and ice sculptures in Harbin city.
A giant sculpture of a vase
It may be ice-cold but this frozen face is giving visitors a warm welcome at a snow sculpture show in China.
A giant sculpture of a face with two raised hands either side
More than 10,000 people built the ice and snow structures in just 15 days. They're pretty impressive during the day, but something spectacular happens at night...
A giant snow sculpture shows elephants in a line