Children's TV shows to appear on stamps

Last updated at 09:08
Stamps featuring children's TV characters

Some of the favourite characters from children's TV shows will appear on a new set of stamps.

Characters from 12 shows going back as far as 1950s favourite Andy Pandy, to the more modern character of Peppa Pig, will be made into stamps.

Bagpuss, Postman Pat, Paddington Bear and Bob the Builder will also appear.

The Classic Children's TV stamps are being made by Royal Mail to celebrate 60 years of children's television and will be released on 7 January.

The 12 characters

Andy Pandy

Ivor the Engine

Dougal - from The Magic Roundabout

Windy Miller - from Camberwick Green

Mr Benn

Great Uncle Bulgaria - from The Wombles


Paddington Bear

Postman Pat

Bob the Builder

Peppa Pig

Shaun the Sheep