More bad weather to continue over weekend

Last updated at 07:59
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Storm in Aberystwyth filmed by student

More stormy weather and snow is expected in parts of the UK over the weekend.

Many people living near coasts around the UK were already hit by severe flooding on Friday.

In Dorset in southern England and Aberystwyth in west Wales, hundreds of homes have been flooded and residents evacuated.

Members of the public have been urged to stay away from coastlines, coastal paths and promenades.

In Sussex, part of a cliff fell into the sea because of the force of the storm.

Four severe flood warnings issued on Saturday, have now been lifted.

In Scotland, there were huge tidal surges on Friday and another storm surge is expected on the Forth on Saturday afternoon.

Roads are closed because of flooding in many parts of the UK, including south-west England, Cumbria, southern Wales, Northern Ireland and western Scotland.