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London Zoo animals line up for stock take

Animals at London Zoo are counted at their annual stock take.
London Zoo is busy carrying out its annual stock take of animals. A new addition to this year's count is Kumbuka, a male silverback gorilla, who joined the zoo last year. Endangered breeds such as the first spiny headed lizards to be born in the UK are also part of the count.
Kumbuka, a male silverback gorilla, at London Zoo
Humboldt penguins are just one of the 800 species that have been counted.
Humboldt penguins swim in a pool during a photo call for London Zoo's annual stock take
The results of the count are shared with zoos around the world and used to manage breeding programmes for endangered animals.
Pelicans at London Zoo
Although the stock take is carried out once a year, the zoo keeps a list of what animals they have and constantly monitor it.
Oriental short-clawed otters at London Zoo
Last year's stock take took place on New Year's Day. Then, there were 70 species of mammals, 119 types of birds, 81 reptiles and 281 different species of fish.
The zoo in London's Regent's Park, is the world's oldest scientific zoo.
A keeper holds Elton, a spectacled owl, during ZSL London Zoo's annual stock take
In total, there were 19,178 animals at the zoo last year.
Meerkat at London Zoo stock take