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Four new marine species found off Scotland

Marine Scotland say four previously unknown species have been discovered in deep water off the Scottish coast.
This might look like a scary monster but it's actually a super close-up image of a new worm that's been discovered off the Scottish coast. It's one of four new species discovered around Rockall - the remains of a volcano 260 miles away from the Western Isles in Scotland.
A close up of the new species of worm found
This is the shell of the new sea snail named Volutopsius scotiae. It was discovered in an area over water about one mile deep. Scotland's Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "Our oceans are often called Earth's final frontier and these new species prove just how much we still have to learn about this rich marine habitat."
The shell of the new snail Volutopsius scotiae
The marine worm, which is still to be named, was discovered by a scientist inside this clam.
The newly discovered worm inside a clam
Other new species include a sea snail and two types of clam - one of which is the Isorropodon mackayi pictured here.
Isorropodon mackayi
And this is a close-up of the second clam, named Thyasira scotiae.
One of the clams discovered, Thyasira scotiae