Tidal surge hits east of Britain

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What is a storm surge? Watch Ricky's report from 2013 to find out.

A tidal surge has hit towns and cities on the east coast of Britain, causing flooding and forcing thousands of people out of their homes.

The North Sea surge, which weather forecasters say could be the worst for 60 years, reached north Norfolk on Thursday night and made its way south through the night.

Flood waters have started to reduce in many areas but there's warnings there could be further high tides later on Friday.

Scotland is facing snow alerts after a fierce storm, which killed two people, earlier battered the UK.

Effect of the storm

Nine thousand people evacuated their homes in Norfolk, mainly in the Great Yarmouth area, where at least 26 properties have been flooded and a lifeboat station has been washed into the sea.

The Environment Agency said 400 homes in the Humber region were affected by flood water.

In Kent, more than 500 properties were evacuated in areas including Sandwich, Seasalter, Faversham and the Medway towns.

Five beach chalets collapsed in Hemsby, Norfolk, due to the tidal surge.

Soldiers have helped the flood prevention effort in Norfolk and Essex.

High tides in parts of north Wales battered by storms passed without further major flooding.

Your comments.

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The wind was really strong; so was the rain but we weren't affected as badly as some other places.

Mira, Leicester, England

In our school, a tree fell down and we weren't allowed to go out!

Sam, Ossett, Yorkshire

We couldn't concentrate in school because of the noise and one of the trees in my street blew off and landed by the bus stop.

Misbah, Bolton, England

The strong wind woke me and my little sister. Our lights where flickering and on my way to school we saw the top of our neighbour's chimney on the ground!

Lois, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

At school it was raining heavily and there were winds all the time, I couldn't even walk properly!

Farsya, Birmingham, England

Our trampoline blew across the garden and would have hit our car if it hadn't been for the fence and one of the trees.

Lauren, Buckingham, England

The wind is so loud, it woke me up this morning! Also, the wind is so strong it knocked over part of our neighbour's fence!

Thomas, Mold, North Wales

The 95mph wind left me with no power for 5 hours.

Megan, east of Scotland

The area where I live has been affected massively by the storm. My garden has flooded due to all the rain, so my cats have to stay inside. But my neighbours have been affected even worse than I have. A tree in their back garden has fallen onto their house.

Joe, Newcastle, England

The storm has demolished our greenhouse.

St Martin's School, Derby, England