Olympic star Chris Boardman wants cycling to be safer

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Are our roads too dangerous for cyclists?

Olympic champion Chris Boardman says more must be done to protect cyclists.

There are concerns that too many cyclists are being killed or injured, after six cyclists were killed in London in just two weeks last month.

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Chris Boardman talks to Newsround

Chris thinks the UK should take inspiration from New York City in America. Roads there have been redesigned to benefit cyclists.

He also told Newsround that families should cycle together: "Try and get your parents to go out with you."

"It's a fun thing to do together and you're safer when there's a larger number of you."

Do you think the roads are too dangerous?

  • Do you think more could be done to make Britain's roads safer for cyclists?
  • If so, what do you think could be done?
  • Or do you feel safe when you cycle?

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Your comments

I think that the roads should be drastically improved for cyclists. I go cycling every day to school and back and sometimes I go into town on my bike and to clubs so I use the roads a lot.

Sometimes I cannot go on the roads though as they are just too dangerous and there is too much traffic so I have to take a much longer way to get to the places I need to get to which takes absolutely ages!

More definitely needs to be done to sort out the roads for the 21st century.

Thomas, Wiltshire, England

I think roads are just too dangerous to ride bikes on. Although there are cycle lanes on many of the roads near to where I live, they are small and I feel nervous when cycling on them. I bought a bike earlier in the year, hoping to cycle to school, but I don't feel confident enough.

Rebecca, Nottingham, England

I live next to a big busy road and I have to wait for ages to cross because there are no traffic lights. When I cycle, the buses zoom past really quickly and my brother was nearly knocked off his bike by a car once. It can be really scary when a lorry passes and makes you wobble!

Bob, Salisbury, England

I enjoy cycling but I get scared going near roads because I do not like lorries, busses and cars. My dad always says cycle on roads because paths are for people walking, not bikes.

Lorna, Nottingham, England

I go cycling with my family during weekends and not many cars come down the road.

Francesca, England

I think cycling is great and I have done Bikeability and I feel lots more safe on the road. I think all children should do Bikeability because it makes me feel safer and hopefully it will make you feel safer.

Tilly, Lancashire, England

It really depends where you live and how busy it is. I lived in Holland for five years and I went to a Dutch school where we were tested how well we know the road signs and how to ride bikes safely. Our bikes also had a sort of MOT in which they were tested for lights, reflectors, brakes, and the height and build were assessed too. A few students got 100% including me.

Emma, Yorkshire, England

I love going cycling, but I understand why some people get scared. I know loads of people who are scared to go on the road because of aggressive people driving.

Paige, Shropshire, England

I sometimes go on a bike ride with my friends after school. I never go on the roads. I think something should be done with it because lots of people have been injured or killed.

Alisha, Bridgwater, England

No our roads aren't too dangerous because I think drivers are very careful now.

Bradley, Chesterfield, England

When we go to Cornwall every year we do a cycle ride from Padstow, and in the summer we sometimes go cycling with our Nan.

Amy, England

I cycle with my Mum often. It's not something I dread but something I love.

Ava, London, England

I don't go cycling with my whole family but I sometimes go with my friends or my Dad.

Becky, London, England

I sometimes go on rides with my family but never on the roads, we always go on cycle paths in woods, but when we go on holiday to Cornwall we go on this cycle path that is really good. I think the roads are too dangerous and we should do something about it because there are so many people in England who love to cycle, but at the moment they can't cycle to somewhere like work because they have risks on roads.

Hannah, Hemel Hempstead, England