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Meet Chakra The Invincible - India's new superhero

The man behind comic giants such as Spider-Man, Superman and the X-Men has created a new superhero - Chakra The Invincible!
The chakra powers he gets give him superhuman powers and abilities making him strong enough to fight crime and evil supervillians.
Chakra crosses his arms in front of him
Raju soon learns that his ultimate mission is to use his powers to fight the super evil Boss Yama... The comic has just had its first TV show in India. Chakra was turned into a special show for India's cartoon channel.
Chakra dodges a fireball coming out of the bad guy's hand
Stan Lee has developed a whole world for Raju and really reflects life in India for many children of the same age. Here Raju celebrates Diwali with Dr Singh and his neighbour Leela.
Leela, Chakra and Dr Singh watch fireworks from a rooftop
Dr Singh is Raju's scientist mentor who created the suit for him using nanotechnology. The powers of the suit allow Raju to develop his superhero alter ego called Chakra.
Chakra punches out while the Dr looks on
Meet Raju Rai - a 14-year-old tech whizz who lives in Mumbai in India. But he's also a superhero who gets his powers from a special suit that channels his chakra powers. Chakras are based on the Hindu religion and describe the points in the human body that Hindus believe are the sources of life forces.
Chakra hovers in front of the gates of India
But most of Chakru's adventures have so far been shown online and on mobile phone apps. An actual Chakra comic book will appear in India this month and in the US next spring. So watch this space, Chakra could soon be coming to you too.
Chakra laughs at a big dinosaur
His full superhero title is Chakra -The Invincible. He keeps his real identity a secret. Beneath the suit Raju is shy, kind and a genius with inventing and gadgets.
Chakra stands on a rooftop
Raju is an orphan and he lives with his brother Sameer. In Raju's eyes Sameer is a real hero who doesn't need any super powers.
Rauj's big brother stands in a street
One of the powers is the Solar Chakra, this the most dangerous of all chakras. It creates energy blasts that can tear down buildings.
Chakra has a ball of light in his hand
Stan Lee is the comic genius that masterminded Raju and his alter ego Chakra. He's also one of the creators behind massive comic hits like Spider-man, Iron Man, The Avengers and X-Men for comic book giant Marvel. He was brought in by the Indian comic group Graphic India to come up with a superhero - and that he did!
Stan Lee
Stan even thought about how difficult life can be growing up, and includes details like how Raju's neighbour Leela can be really annoying!
Leela hits Raj over the head