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Pictures: 60 years of the BBC TV logos

In celebration of the 60th birthday of the BBC logo, Newsround looks back at the changing style of the ident seen before a programme starts
In 1969, BBC 1 included the word 'colour' in the station logo. It could have been seen as a little reminder of what was possible to the vast majority of viewers still watching black and white and encourage them to buy a colour TV.
BBC Logo 1969
The first BBC 'ident', the logo seen before a TV programme starts, was broadcast in 1953. It was a complex mechanical brass device, with a tiny spinning globe at its centre. It was nicknamed the 'Bat's wings' logo.
1953 Logo
During the 1960's the BBC's most famous logo, the globe, appeared. These logos featured a continuity announcer speaking the words 'This is BBC Television'.
1960s BBC logos
Before the introduction of computer-generated graphics, the BBC idents were all mechanical models filmed by a black and white camera. The colour was added electronically, making it extremely easy to change the colour for each new look.
1974-1981 BBC logo
In 1997, the globe was dramatically reinvented through a sequence of hot air balloons, filmed on location around the UK. Over the next two and a half years, around 59 different versions of the BBC One balloon were made.
1997-2001 BBC logo
By 1985, computer graphics technology had become good enough to retire the mechanical mirror globe. The new idents showed a semi-transparent blue globe with golden continents and gold BBC 1.
1980's BBC logos
Nowadays, the dancing logos have been replaced by a new circular style, with pictures that cover much more of what the BBC shows on TV including swimming hippos, motorbike stunt riders, footballers and the moon.
2006- Present Logos
In the early 2000's the BBC One balloon and globe images were replaced by a sequence of new 'Rhythm & Movement' idents, featuring new multi-cultural themes with a range of people dancing to different music styles.
2001-2006 BBC logos