Comments: Do you think boys and girls are treated equally?

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Boy and girl

New research by Girl Guiding UK suggests that more than 7 out of 10 young girls say they've experienced sexism and feel they don't get the same opportunities as boys.

The survey of more than 1,200 7 to 21 year olds also showed nearly 9 out of 10 think they're judged on how they look rather than what they do.

We want to know what you think.

Do you feel that boys and girls are treated equally or do people treat you differently?

Your comments

Most of the time I think boys and girls are treated equally but, sometimes people think we're not equal and treat us like that. Some people think boys are stronger, smarter and more athletic but that isn't true. It doesn't matter what gender you are it just matters who you are.

Noa, New Jersey, America

I don't think girls get the same opportunities as boys because in my school girls are not allowed to go near the football pitch and not allowed to play football.

Olivia, Belfast, Ireland

I think boys and girls get treated differently sometimes and I find it really annoying when my friends think riding a bike is a boyish thing even though I ride one.

Fatima, London, England

Personally I think that girls don't get treated equally. Over the years the girls have been treated more equally but not that much. Girls get judged for looks not personality. There's lots of stereotypes with jobs for example when you think of a midwife you don't think of men being midwives but there are men as midwives.

Tia, Birmingham, England

I find it really annoying when people treat girls and boys differently just because they are different genders!

Abi, Essex, England

At my school boy and girls are treated equally but there is still a bit of "girls are better than boys" or "boys are better than girls".

Isabel, Berkhamsted, England

I think that boys and girls are treated equally because girls like different things to boys and boys like different things to girls.

Jessica, London. England

I think girls are the same as boys because we are able to join the army and we are able to play the same sports as them. Some people might disagree with me.

Leanne, Portsmouth, England

We had a discussion about this in our classroom and we think that it is very unfair that girls and boys should be treated differently from each other. As part of our school values we are to be respectful and tolerant of each other and treating each other equally as well as giving us all the same opportunities comes under these values.

Sapphire, Bletchingley, Surrey

Sometimes there are more opportunities for boys rather than girls, however my school has organised three design and technology school trips and one of them is going to a fashion show. There are only about three boys going on that trip, but one of them is very interested in fashion and always knows what to wear. He is one of the coolest people at school and no one cares if boys or girls go on the trip.

Emma, Yorkshire, England

I believe girls tend to be judged more on how they look rather than who they are as a person.

Ameerah, Glasgow, United Kingdom

I don't see so much sexism at my school or in my area but I hear about it all the time so it does happen. There are different reasons why people are sexist but a lot of the time it is due to culture and that is something that is disappearing in our globalized world.

Clare, Yorkshire, England

I think that girls and boys are treated the same.

Mitzy, Honiton, Devon

We don't get treated differently from boys, although sometimes my friends who are mostly boys say that: "boys are better at this or at that" but it doesn't really matter because even if you think you're different from others, you're just like everyone else.

Isabella, London, England

I don't think that boys and girls are treated equally because for example professional girls football teams are a lot more hidden away, we all know about men playing football but I think they should be equally be published.

Alissia, Mansfield, England

In my last school boys and girls would do separate P.E lessons. We would do things like Netball and they would do football, and girls couldn't apply for the football team. But here in my new school I can do any sport I like. I thing boys and girls are treated equally but sometimes things aren't fair.

Annabelle, York, England

I don't think we are treated the same because sometimes everyone thinks girls are into make-up and hair whilst boys are into adventures and scary things but I think that's wrong.

Kirsty, Linlithgow, Scotland

I got a new teacher at school, and he said he wanted a 'strong lad' to get a bowl of water. I was pretty annoyed, so I told him how I felt and he apologised and said that he was being sexist.

Imogen, Glasgow, Scotland

I think boys and girls are separated a bit because my little cousin wants to go to brownies but they don't let boys in, and when I say I want to be an engineer or an inventor people say that I shouldn't want to do that because I am a girl! I also think people tend to think boys are stronger than girls and so in school boys get asked to carry stuff not girls even when I have beaten many boys at arm wrestling in my school before!

Alanna, Pontypool, Wales

At my school girls and boys don't get treated differently because the girls are aloud to play football and do the same as boys.

Grace, Manchester, England

"My parents treat me and my brother equally but I have seen a lot of parents who let their sons go out have their free time but then they keep the girls inside doing work."


I don't get treated differently, our school is very supportive and welcoming. I don't care about what other people think about how I look. I am who I am, I don't need anyone to tell me "you're wrong". I know what's right, be yourself, don't care about anyone's ideas about you.

Rana, Glasgow, Scotland

Some people treat us differently, some people don't. For example some people think that only boys should do football and girls shouldn't so they don't give us girls a chance.

Jess, Bristol, England