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Pictures: Fat pets before and after massive weight loss

The winner of the UK pet slimmer of the year has been announced. See the winner and some of the runners up in the PDSA's Pet Fit Club competition.
This was Ruby at her heaviest. She was 50% overweight but has since lost loads of weight. Ruby is the UK's Pet Slimming Champion 2013.
Ruby the dog.
The new and improved champion slimmer. Ruby lost one third of her bodyweight and 17cm (7inches) from her waist.
Ruby the dog.
This was Mizzy before her diet. She weighed more than 11 stone, the heaviest dog ever in the competition. She managed to lose nearly two stone in weight. Mizzy was a runner up.
Overweight dog Mizzy.
Just look at Mizzy now, much slimmer and looking a bit livelier too.
Slimmer Mizzy.
And it wasn't just dogs being put through their paces. Ginger and white cat Prince from Derby lost 11% of his bodyweight during the strict diet and exercise regime.
Prince the cat.
TJ was more than a little chunky before the diet. She was around 70% overweight which was really unhealthy. Now though she has shed the pounds.
TJ the dog.
TJ, from Edinburgh has come second in the PDSA Pet Fit Club. She lost almost a quarter of her bodyweight in just six months after taking part in the PDSA Pet Fit Club.
TJ the dog.
Nyah a Cocker Spaniel was more than 60% overweight. She weighed 4st 8lbs (over 29kg) but has slimmed to 3st 6lbs (22.9kg).
Nyah the dog.
The more streamlined Nyah after losing more than 20% of her bodyweight.
Nyah the dog.