SmartWigs: Sony files patent for connected headgear

Last updated at 16:48
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Ricky asks: are SmartWigs the next wearable tech?

Electronics company Sony says it could make SmartWigs, a fashion statement which would include helpful technology.

They have applied for a patent, which would protect their invention in law so that no-one else can copy it.

The wig would have sensors and cameras in it and could help navigate roads and even collect health information.

Google and Samsung are among the tech giants who've recently launched wearable technology products, which some see as potentially big business.

Wigs of the future

Although the product doesn't exist yet the company has big plans for its potential uses.

The wig would go over the person's own hair and would hide all the technology, looking just like a normal wig.

It could help monitor the wearer's health by taking their temperature, pulse and blood pressure.

The company says the wigs would be fashionable as well as intelligent and help in all sorts of high tech ways.

A Sony spokesperson said the device could also be used during presentations where a wearer can "move to the next presentation slide or back to the preceding presentation slide by simply raising his/her eyebrows".

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