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Typhoon Haiyan's legacy on children in the Philippines

Newsround presenter Leah has visited the Philippines to meet children affected by Typhoon Haiyan and see how they are rebuilding their lives.
This aid packing centre in Cebu City was a bustling hive of activity, as hundreds of children helped to pack food into bags.
Volunteers packing aid supplies in Cebu City
This family show Leah around their temporary home in part of a warehouse.
Family talking to Leah
To keep the school running, aid workers have set up tents in the school yard.
Leah interview aid worker at school
Most of the children's houses have been damaged.
walls and roof of house destroyed
Conditions are basic but they're glad that they're all alive.
temporary kitchen in makeshift family home
In nearby Bogo City, this computer classroom is beyond repair and all the equipment is broken.
Teacher showing Leah round destroyed computer classroom
The owners of the school think it will have to be demolished. Meanwhile, children are being taught in shifts in parts of the school that are still standing.
School roof damaged
Children play basketball on the edge of Bogo City, surrounded by trees destroyed by the typhoon.
Children playing basketball
In Cebu City, military planes from around the world drop off people rescued from other parts of the country.
People walking off military planes
Headteacher Miss Roming shows Leah the damage done to the school.
Headteacher showing Leah the damage done to the school
There's only one way to get on board... by ladder.
Leah climbing ladder on HMS Daring ship
The Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring was sent to help with the aid effort.
Royal Navy ship HMS Daring
Here, cameraman Will films Leah talking about the impact of the typhoon.
Leah filming
Despite the damage, many of the children at this school are still enjoying their lessons.
Leah with children at school
Some classrooms are barely standing at all.
Classroom with roof and walls destroyed
Even in the classrooms that are still standing, pupils' work has been destroyed by the rain.
Pupils work in classroom ruined
Newsround's Leah has been to the Philippines to find out how children there are coping with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which swept through the country earlier this month. In Tabogon district, in the north of Cebu Island, the Newsround team visited a school damaged by the typhoon.
School damaged by typhoon in Cebu Island
The crew have been dropping emergency supplies to hard to reach islands hit by the typhoon.
Royal Navy crew talking to Leah onboard ship