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BBC Wildlife's camera-trap competition winners

The winning pictures and runners up in the BBC Wildlife's camera-trap competition have been released.
The winning pictures from BBC Wildlife's camera-trap competition have been revealed. This photo of an Amur tiger was taken in the far east of Russia and won the award for best animal portrait.
Amur Tiger
The cameras can catch the smallest animals in their natural habitat too. This photo was the overall winning photo and is of a Roach’s mouse-tailed dormouse hunting in Turkey. The photo was chosen as the best from 850 submissions from right around the world.
Roach mouse
Camera-traps are remote cameras that take pictures when a sensor is triggered usually by movement. These two cheeky chimpanzees set off one such trap in Sierra Leone.
Camera-traps are particularly useful for photographing rare or endangered animals in their natural habitat like this extremely rare snow leopard scent marking a rock on the Tibetan Plateau. This photo won the award for best animal behaviour.
snow leopard
The cameras allow researchers to see animals without disturbing them or their young like this giant armadillo and her baby caught coming out of their den in Brazil.
giant armadillo and baby
The camera-traps also capture moments that would be too dangerous for a photographer to be near like this tiger hunting a sambar in northern India.
tiger chasing sambar
It wasn't just exotic animals from the furthest reaches of the world which received awards though, this photo of otter was commended in the British wildlife category. All of the winners can be seen in the December issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine.