Powerful cyclone hits Sardinia, killing 18 people

Last updated at 17:20
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Cyclones in Sardinia cause devastation

A powerful cyclone has caused devastation on the island of Sardinia, just off the coast of Italy.

Waters up to 3m deep swept through the city of Olbia, after a month's worth of rain fell in just over an hour.

Cars were swept away and bridges collapsed. Eighteen people are known to have died and more are missing.

The Italian government has declared a state of emergency, with the Prime Minister Enrico Letta calling it a "national tragedy".

The government promised 20 million euros (£16.8m) immediately for emergency relief efforts, with soldiers from the country's army helping.

"We are focusing on essential operations: saving human lives, assisting displaced people and clearing road access," he said after an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

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