Government 'not doing enough' for nature, say charities

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Martin reports on the charities' warning

The government is not doing enough to protect the UK's wildlife and countryside, a report says.

Charities including the RSPB, WWF and the RSPCA say the government isn't meeting its environmental targets.

Their report raises concerns about farm animal welfare, protecting green countryside and wildlife decline.

The government's environment department Defra disagrees with many of the report's criticisms, saying they were based on "opinion, not facts".

They added that their "ambitions are long term and we are making good progress."

Some good work

The report does say that the government has done good work: changes to how commercial fishing works, fighting ash dieback disease, and internationally to protect elephants, rhinos and whales.

"David Cameron promised the greenest government ever," said Wildlife and Countryside Link's director, Dr Elaine King.

"Using the government's own promises as a yardstick, today's findings show he's failed to stick to his plan," she went on.

As well as the report, the charities published a survey of done by the company ComRes, who spoke to 2,000 adults in Britain.

The survey suggested that 83% of British adults believe the natural environment should be protected at all costs, while a quarter think the government is doing enough to protect landscapes and wildlife.

"The message from the public is clear - they want healthy seas and landscapes providing rich habitats for thriving wildlife," said Dr King.