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Crazy world records set for Guinness World Records Day

Slip on your penguin onesie because it's Guinness World Records day!
Slip on your penguin onesie because it's Guinness World Records day - a day for the brave, the daring and the downright silly! Here's one of them: 325 people gathered in London to break the world record for the largest group of people dressed as penguins.
A group of people in penguin costume.
Feeling chilly? Why not wrap up in this knitted scarf made by Helge Johansen in Norway. At 4,565 metres long it's the longest in the world.
An enormously long scarf is laid out on a football pitch and loops back on itself a few dozen times.
In Japan, Kenichi Ito ran 100 metres on all fours in just 16.87 seconds - a new world record.
A man in sports wear is running on all fours. The photograph captures him in mid-aid with one hand still touching the floor.
At a top theatre in London a group called Marawa's Majorettes took home the record for Most Hula Hoops Spun Simultaneously. Together they twirled with 264 hula hoops around their waists. Congratulations!
A group of dancers on a grand theatre stage spinning hula hoops around their waists. Each dancer has about 20 colourful hoops.
In Germany, Joe Alexander walked across 60 upright bottles in a row... another world record!
A man walking across 60 bottles.
Over in the United States, pizza-lover Scott Wiener collected his record breaker's certificate for collecting 595 different pizza boxes.
A man sat amongst a collection of pizza boxes.
Congratulations Claes Blixt in Sweden who now owns the world's largest table knife - a whopping 2.48 metres tall. Good luck buttering your toast with that!
A man stood next to an enormous wooden knife which towers above him.
This enormous carving is more than 12 metres long making it the largest one in the world. It was created by Zheng Chunhui in China.
An enormous wooden carving.
Just check out the detail on the carving when you look closely - a record well deserved.
Detail of the carving shows wooden figures stood on a bridge overlooking a boat sailing beneath.