Aid finally reaching Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

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Aid slowly reaching Tacloban

Britain's biggest aircraft carrier is being sent to the Philippines to help some of the 11 million people affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

HMS Illustrious won't arrive for 10 days, but when it does, helicopters on board will take food and water to the hard to reach areas.

A massive American aircraft carrier arrived in the Philippines on Thursday with US army officials saying America will offer a level of support not seen before for the victims of last week's disaster.

Earlier on Thursday the first shipment of aid to reach Tacloban, the city known to be most affected by the storm, arrived in the Philippines. Distributing the supplies to families across the country could prove quite difficult.

It comes after a major appeal to help the people in the Philippines.

BBC reporter Jon Donnison sent this report from Tacloban.