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The world's longest paper doll chain

A team of volunteers have broken the Guinness World Record for the LONGEST chain of paper dolls at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
The world record attempt for longest paper doll chain was organised to celebrate the launch of Julia Donaldson's new book called The Paper Dolls.
Julia Donaldson holding a row of paper dolls
The Guinness World Records title for longest chain of paper dolls was made on 11 November 2013.
Paper dolls and feet
The chain was made up of 45,282 dolls and was 4549.7 metres long. That's almost two kilometres longer than the previous world record-holding chain!
Paper dolls
Dolls were sent in from around the world. As far as South Africa and Syria, and places closer to home like London and Lancashire.
Volunteer using sticky tape on a paper doll
The chain's length of 4549.7 metres is the equivalent of 40 football pitches, almost 61 jumbo jets, or 80,000 jelly babies laid end-to-end.
Volunteer working with paper dolls
The previous record was 2,683.21 metres long and was held by Tiffanie Tallman and Fostering Hope of Arizona, USA. The dolls had to be joined at the hands and feet to be eligible, but adhesive could be used.
Volunteers working with paper dolls
10p will be paid to charity Save the Children for each doll sent in to help make the new world record.
Paper dolls
Each doll is individually decorated by people who sent them in.
Paper dolls