Driverless 'pod' cars coming to Milton Keynes by 2017

Last updated at 16:09
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Check out the animation of the driverless cars

Mini-cars that drive themselves will be tested in a town in England within the next few years.

The electric-powered vehicles will travel at 12mph and carry people around on special pathways, in Milton Keynes.

The government has agreed to help fund a plan to get 20 of the pods, using drivers to begin with, working by 2015.

But by 2017 it's hoped there'll be 100 driverless versions, bookable using a smartphone app and which use special sensors to avoid bumping into things.

Animation of driverless cars
The pods will use sensors to avoid obstacles

There'll also be a number of 'apps' in the vehicle so passengers can browse the internet, check their emails, read a newspaper or play games.

The government says that if the scheme goes well the pods could be used in other towns and cities across the UK.

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