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Pictures: Day in pictures - 5 November

Pictures from the news on 5 November 2013.
Street cleaners and park maintenance workers in Madrid, Spain have gone on strike today. The workers have walked-out over announcements that some of them will lose their jobs. These garbage bins blocked the path of a city bus forcing it to turn around.
Rubbish bins in front of a bus
Syrian women at a refugee camp in Lebanon fill up containers with water. According to the UN there are 800,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Today the UN's aid chief said there are more than 9.3 million people in Syria who need help as a result of the conflict which began two years ago.
Two women carrying water containers
That's a mighty big yawn! A hippo opens wide during a press conference at a zoo in Berlin.
Hippo mouth
It's a big day in India as the country's space agency has launched its first ever rocket to Mars. The unmanned spacecraft can be seen here as it hurtles through sky after lift-off from the Space Centre in Sriharikota. It's hoped the rocket will reach Mars so scientists can carry out tests on the red planet's atmosphere.
Rocket going into the sky
A Pakistani boy shows his strength while playing in an alley of a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan.
A young boy and a woman in a burka behind him in an alley
The world's number one golfer, Tiger Woods makes history as he hits the first golf shots from Europe into Asia on Istanbul's Bosphorous Bridge. Turkey is part of both Europe and Asia and this bridge links the two continents in Istanbul.
Bridge with Tiger woods hitting golf balls surrounded by cars watching.
Queen Elizabeth and South Korea's President Park Geun-Hye arrive in a carriage at Buckingham Palace in London. The South Korean president is on an official three-day state visit to Britain.
Queen with South Korean president in a carriage surrounded by horses.