Reality talent shows X Factor and The Voice - should the best singers always win?

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Singer Sam Callahan

If you were watching telly talent show X Factor this weekend you might have seen contestant Sam Callahan being criticised by judge Gary Barlow about his singing ability, even though he wasn't ranked in the bottom two by the public.

"I just want to remind everyone this is a singing competition - that's all I need to say," said Gary, whose band Kingsland Road were kicked out.

Sam, who sang Relight My Fire by Gary's band Take That on Saturday night's show, has repeatedly been given bad feedback from the judge, despite proving popular with X Factor audiences.

We asked you what you think about what Gary Barlow said.

Your comments:

I think the best singers should always win because the show is about your voice, not your attitude or appearance. Also, good singers go on the show to start their career. It would not be fair if someone bad at singing got a job as a signer when there is someone that has a better voice that could have got it.

Erin, England

I don't think it's fair as it's all about the talent. Even though Sam Callahan has the looks it doesn't mean he's really actually good with the voice. I don't think he would make the final as Nicholas MacDonald and Sam Bailey are much better. He will be voted off soon.

Grace, Warrington, England

I don't think the best singer should always win because if the worst wins it will give them a chance to get better at singing.

Lauren, England

I think that people who can't sing as well should not win as there are a lot of people who really need to win and who are amazing at singing. It is quite unfair if you think about it!

Chiamaka, London, England

I don't think the best singers always win, only the ones who are popular with public. Look at JLS, they were runners up on the X factor but they are still very popular.

Sophie, Cardiff, Wales

If it's supposed to be a competition to see who's the best singer, then the best singer should win. Even if someone looked absolutely appalling but was the best at singing, then they should win! If people want to be judged on looks, go into Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model or another modelling competition.

Catherine, Glasgow, Scotland

Although I'm from America, I still watch the X Factor. The person who is the best singer should win because they have the talent. They shouldn't win because of their dress sense or whatever, if you're listening to an album you can only hear them.

Jess, Georgia, USA

No I don't think the best singers should always win because everyone deserves a chance to shine.

Amy, Galway, Ireland

I don't think that it should always be the best person who wins, although they need to be a good singer, they also need to have the right attitude as they are likely to become role models for many people.

Jess, Stafford, UK

The person winning has got to have the right attitude and a fair voice. Some people might really have the WOW Factor but then they are massive show offs.

Williams, Berkshire, England

I don't think it's fair if people only get through for appearance, it's the talent that counts that is why they are called 'Talent Shows'!

Emma, London, England

The best singers might have a bad attitude, but the worst singers might have a good attitude. I think it relies on attitude, not voice.

Stephanie, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The best singers don't always have to win - look at previous winners. They won but didn't make it very far. It's always the runners up that do better.

Beth, Cannock, England

I think they deserve to win if they are the best singers.

Amina, Middlesbrough, England

I think the person who has the "whole package", as they put it, should win. That means the one with the best voice, the charisma, the stage presence and the entertaining ability. But the voice should be the most important factor, because on a single you don't hear the personality.

Mirela, Bucharest, Romania

I think the best singers should always win because they have the most talent so it's really unfair they don't win.

Isabella, Devon, England

I don't think that the best singer should always win because that's not what they're trying to find - it's the person with the X Factor.

Saskia, Hertfordshire, England

I think the best singers should always win as they have talent.

Salma, London, England