How do your pets communicate with you?

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Find out if pets can really communicate with us...

Scientists in Italy have worked out that the way a dog wags its tail is linked to how it's feeling.

They say happy dogs wag their tails more to the right and nervous dogs wag their tail more to the left.

The research carried out at the University of Trento, also found that fellow canine pals can spot movements and pick up on how other dogs are feeling.

So we wanted to know if your pets have a way of communicating with you.

This chat page is now closed but here's a selection of your comments below:

Your comments

My cat rubs around your legs when she's missed you and if you put your nose in front of hers she will give you a kiss. She also meows when she wants her dinner!

Maya, Sheffield, England

My chicken pecks you when she is happy and she clucks when she is sad.

Jemima, Wokingham, England

My dog touches me with her wet nose because she wants me to give her a hug.

Alexandra, Stoke on Trent, England

My turtle stretches its neck up high to show me that it's happy when I give it food.

Awais, Surrey, England

My cat Stripe likes to rub against you when he's done something bad.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

My dog Jessie nudges your arm when she wants attention and tucks her tail when she is scared.

Joshua, Warwickshire, England

My dog wags his tail in circles when he is happy and he tucks his tail between his legs, makes sad eyes and hides by the fridge when he is sad.

Erin, Northern Ireland

My lab puppy, Archie raises his ears up and wags his tail when he is happy. And when he is sad he whines and looks up at me.

Olivia, Lyme Regis, England

My pet fish communicates with me by blowing bubbles.

Archie, Maidenhead, England

My dog hits her bowl with her nose when she wants food and runs round the living room when she is very exited.

Kirsty, Scotland

My cat's eyes go really wide open when she's annoyed, then she starts biting your fingers!

Ethan, London, England

My dog is called Dave and he squeaks when he wants attention. He also nudges me when he wants to be stroked.

Caitlin, Kendal, England

My rabbit jumps up and down when she has missed me.

Sophie, Harrogate, England

My dog wags his tail and plays with his toy when he is happy/exited. When he is sad he curls up, sits in the corner and shivers.

Maisie, North Walsham, England

My guinea pigs do a rumbling sound in the back of their throat when they're unsettled.

Alice, Dorchester, England

My guinea pig makes a purring sound when she is happy and chatters her teeth when she wants me to go away.

Melissa, Yorkshire, England

My dog Cookie sulks in the corner of her cage and looks at the wall when she's sad but when she's happy she bounces around waging her tail like mad.

Daragh, Whittlesey, England

When my dogs Errol and Eddie are happy they stick their tails and ears up then jump around, it looks a bit like a little dance.

Lily, Lancaster, England

My dog Spot does his puppy dog eyes at me when he is tired or knows I am upset. This is different when he is happy, as he licks and tickles me: wanting to play!

Grace, Birmingham, England

My dog coco wags her tail all around when she is happy and when she is not really happy, she wag her tail slowly.

Sophie, Manchester, England

My cats rub against my legs in a "Hi, can I have food now?" sort of way and sometimes if they want attention they will roll over on to their backs and meow and look at you with really big eyes!

Rebecca, Broxbourne, England

My Nan's cat is called Rosie and she bites my grandad's leg when she wants feeding, so my grandad is forced to get up.

Emily, Merseyside, England

When my rabbit has run out of food or water she stands on her back feet like a meercat and just stares at you. When she wants to come out of her cage she jumps out of the top only if you have ignored her.

Ethan, West Yorkshire, England

My dog puts her ears up when she is happy.

Katie, Stafford, England

When my dog Toby wants to communicate he jumps up at you and when he is sad he scratches the door.

Conor, Harrow, England

When she is sad because I have stopped stroking her, she puts her nose under my hand and flips it back onto her and then starts to wag her tail.

Taylore, County Durham, England

My dog is a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever and he communicates by making different sounds like 'auu'.

Lottie, Buckinghamshire, England

My dog Ollie waits on the step if he wants to go for a walk.

Tavis, Hertfordshire, England

My dog Rosie flicks her ears when she is happy and grunts when she wants me to go away.

Ellie, London, England

My dog Kitkat turns his head to the right and wags his tail when he is happy and barks when he is upset or angry.

Isobel, Surrey, England

My dog Pickles climbs on you when he wants a hug.

Rebecca, Hampshire, England

My guinea pig squeaks when she really wants food and she whimpers when she is sad.

Sophie, Wokingham, England

Our dog grinds her teeth when she is scared.

Ruby, Kent, England

My dog can bark the alphabet and we use that to communicated and we still do now.

Megan, Kent, England

One barks to say hello and the other slobbers on you!

Alfie, Suffolk, England

My dog Poppy actually smiles at me when she is happy.

Robbie, Rugby, England

My dogs jumps up on everyone when they are sad for attention.

Lucy, Birmingham, England

Our 6 month old kitten, Granville, always meows very loudly whenever he spots an insect. He seems to linger around in that certain area for ages!

Hannah and Amy, London, England

One of the things my cat does is walk on the head of my mum's bed when she wants to go under the covers.

Caitlin, London, England

My cat flicks her tail when she is getting angry with you, then she scratches!

Rowan, Herefordshire, England

My cats are called Izzy and Trixie and when they want to say hello they wag their tails up high, but when they want to catch something they crouch down low and slowly wag their tail. When they are really sad their tail doesn't wag at all. When they are fine they slowly wag there tail, sometimes they hover and sometimes they drag it along.

Mia, Somerset, England