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Halloween decorations make Britain's scariest house

Check out this gruesome gallery to have a look around what may well be Britain's most horrible Halloween house!
Meet the family who’ve turned their home into a haunted house! Ian, standing with his wife Michelle, nephew Anthony and daughters from left to right Shania, Ashley and Abigail holding baby Alicia-May.
A family standing outside their home decorated for Halloween with ghosts and spiders.
Visitors to the Manchester house are welcomed by Swamp Man: make sure you don’t fall into his pit!
A man dressed in a swamp man costume under a net looking scary
Ian dresses up to greet trick-or-treaters who can have a tour of the house to raise money for charity.
Ian dressed in a scary outfit putting face paint on in front of a mirror
Halloween props are everywhere. How many skulls can you count?
A witch and some skulls on a mantlepiece
Watch your step! You don’t know what’s behind you…
A green ghoul in a hat
Newsround’s Ricky finds Ian coming out of his own grave!
Ricky stands next to a grave with a dead person in it
…don’t get caught in this massive spider’s web!
A massive spider in a web
Swamp Man hopes you enjoyed your visit. Please call again soon!
A close up of a man dressed in a green monster costume
Stepping out for some fresh air will not be a relaxing experience!
Grave with man coming out of it
This graveyard's emptying... creepy!
Three graves with skeletons in it