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Your hideous Halloween costumes

While you were getting ready for the scariest night of the year, some of you sent us your spooky Halloween costumes.
Florence from London has given herself a spooky makeover with a red eye and black lips.
Florence wearing spooky make up
These children and staff at this nursery in Yorkshire have got into the spooky spirit and given us a fright!
staff and children dressed for Halloween
Aisling from Herefordshire looks seriously scary and ghoulish.
Aisling dressed in Halloween costume
Sarah from Birmingham has replaced her face for a pumpkin! But how will she see where she's going?
Aisling dressed in Halloween costume
Jack from Manchester is getting ready to go out trick or treating and he's not afraid of causing a scare!
Aisling dressed in Halloween costume
Tom dressed up as Cap'n Jack Sparrow, and Grace is a spooky cat!
Children dressed as Halloween characters