Royal Mail unveil Christmas stamps drawn by children

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Ayshah meets the Christmas stamp winners...

Royal Mail have unveiled their 1st and 2nd class stamps for Christmas this year, which have been drawn by kids.

The pictures were chosen in a competition with more than 240,000 entries from children aged 4-11.

The winners are Molly, aged 7, whose picture shows Father Christmas surrounded by presents and 10-year-old Rosie who drew angels singing.

Royal Mail Christmas stamp drawn by Molly, aged 7.
Molly's winning entry of Father Christmas

The competition asked: What does the Christmas season mean to you? Answers had to take the form of a picture.

Royal Mail Christmas stamp drawn by Rosie, aged 10.
Rosie's winning entry of angels singing

It's only the third time in nearly 500 years that children have designed the Royal Mail's Christmas stamps.