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Your creepy and creative pumpkin carvings

Newsround viewers sent in their amazing pumpkin pictures ahead of Halloween - here's a selection of the best.
This duo of pumpkins was sent in by Steve. Very creepy!
Two pumpkins, one carved with a ghost, the other with a creepy face
You've been sending in your brilliant pumpkin designs for Halloween. Check out these ones by Olivia, Ethan and Isaac in Barrow-in-Furness
Carved pumpkin
These scary pumpkins were sent in by Elliot, aged 7, and Louis, aged 4, from Nottingham. Creepy!
Two scary-looking carved pumpkins
Can you spot the scary face carved by Ophelia, aged 8, and her dad?
Carved pumpkin
Have a guess at what this is... It is in fact a pumpkin shaped like a Despicable Me minion by Macy, Harvey, Luella & Charlie from Cornwall.
Minion pumpkin
A ghostly pumpkin from 8 year old Kelsey. Boo to you too!
Carved pumpkin
This is 4 year old Max's pumpkin collection. He is absolutely crazy about Halloween. He draws the outline on the pumpkin and scoops all the pumpkin out from inside. His mum, dad, and granny then do any sharp dissection.
Notice this superhero pumpkin character? Five year old Joshua has made a Spiderman pumpkin!
Spiderman pumpkin
Haydn, aged 9 and Gwen. aged 4 in Cardiff had fun with pumpkins and a small squash.
Carved pumpkin
Check out these creative pumpkins carved by Oscar and his sister. Can you tell which characters are carved?
Carved pumpkin
A happy bear-faced Winnie The Pooh pumpkin showing that not all pumpkins need to be scary! From Scarlett, aged 5, in Mansfield.
Carved pumpkin
This artistic pumpkin from Emma features Ironman. Look at the detail!
Carved pumpkin
This array of funky pumpkins were carved by Lucy, Archie, Callum and Jesssica at the weekend!
Carved pumpkins in a row
For all the Hacker fans out there Aideen from Northern Ireland has dedicated this pumpkin to the CBBC presenter!
Hacker carved pumpkin
A bat and spider glow eerily in the dark - created by Oliver and Lucy (and a bit of help from their mum).
Carved pumpkin
This campervan style pumpkin was sent in by Ellie in Doncaster. Top marks for creativity!
A campervan pumpkin
That's not a pumpkin! Indeed it isn't. Every year Hadyn and his mum carve a watermelon instead.
carved watermelon
This pumpkin by Oscar looks like it has a big tongue sticking out. What do you think?
Carved pumpkin
These cheeky pumpkins have been sent in by Isaac and Agatha. How many teeth can you count?
Carved pumpkin
Meet Ruby's carving of Jack Skellington. Imagine walking past this scary face at night!
Carved pumpkin
This pumpkin with its scary grin was carved by Lucy, aged 11, and Jessica, aged 8 with a bit of help from their dad.
Carved pumpkin
Three cheeky pumpkins waiting to scare their victims, by Maia and Iris.
Carved pumpkins in a row
This pumpkin was sent in by Hugh. Look at those eerie eyes!
Carved pumpkin
A Yoda inspired pumpkin carved and decorated by Lewis, aged 8, from London. The force is with you!
carved pumpkin with yoda model inside
Orla from Cheshire has sent in a howling wolf pumpkin in tribute to her favourite show Wolfblood.
Carved pumpkin
A very scary pumpkin carved by 6 year old Ellis and his dad this morning in Hertfordshire. It is now sat by their front door waiting to scare visitors on Halloween.
Carved pumpkin
Two pumpkins you wouldn't want to mess with during the dark! Sent in by Isaac, aged 9, and Finlay, aged 6.
Carved pumpkin
It's all about trick or treating and skeletons for Shannon and Daniel in North Wales.
Carved pumpkin
Amy's spooky Ghostbusters pumpkin
Ghostbusters pumpkin
It's not a spider, bat or spooky ghost. It's a bird - an angry one! By Finley, aged 10, in Plymouth.
carved angry bird pumpkin