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UK storm: Your photos of the big storm

A gallery of your photographs of the effects of the big storm that's caused lots of damage across parts of southern England and Wales.
Freya in Reading sent us this photo of her pony shelter which has been destroyed. She was up first thing this morning to tidy up the mess.
A destroyed pony shelter.
Patrick says: "Here is a picture of a fallen tree on the A2 at the Black Prince interchange. I took this picture on the bridge crossing the road. It was really windy but the storm had passed."
Fallen tree across A2
We've been asking you for your storm pictures - and lots of you have been affected. Maimouna in Essex found her trampoline flipped upside down, at the end of her garden this morning.
A large round trampoline lies upside down against a garden fence.
Carys in Greater London saw this car which has been badly damaged by a falling tree. The tree has smashed the rear window of the car.
A tree on top of a small silver car. The rear window of the car has smashed.
Carys also spotted this tree which has snapped in half.
A tree snapped in half.
Can you spot the swings in Jack's garden? Unfortunately they've been totally crushed by a fallen tree.
A large fir tree in a garden. Poking out beneath it are white poles from a garden swing.
Lucy's garden fence was blown over in the storm. Lucy says: "Me and my sister were really scared! I think we have been lucky though compared to what some people have had."
A fence that has blown over.
Thanks for sending us your incredible pictures. This gallery is now closed.
A smartphone taking a photo
Julinda's garden fence has also been ruined. One of the panels has flown into the neighbour's garden!
A broken garden fence. A missing panel has flown into the neighbour's garden.
Tomas, aged 8, sent us this, saying: "This tree was blown over last night in Southampton at St James' Park."
Fallen tree in St James' Park, Southampton
William, in Dartford in Kent, says: "I couldn't sleep because of the storm and there was a big bang. When I woke up, I went outside in my PJs and saw that a tree had fallen on my neighbour's house. It had also taken out the light on the street so we will be in the dark on the streets!"
Fallen tree in Dartford, Kent
Sylas aged 8 and Esme, 6 in Swindon have sent us this, saying: "This is a photo of our rabbit hutch after the storm. Rabbits are OK!"
Destroyed rabbit hutch
A tree has fallen at the end of Sophie and Elliot's road, blocking the way.
A tree blocking the road.