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Halloween pumpkin treats for animals at Chester Zoo

Halloween is almost here and the animals at Chester Zoo in Cheshire have got their pumpkin treats. Check out if they enjoyed them...
And the underwater creatures aren't being left out. Here are banggai cardinal fish and long-spined sea urchins swimming alongside their pumpkins.
Fish swimming with pumpkins
This red river hog tucks into his pumpkin's brain. It's about eating not scaring for some!
Red river hog with pumpkin
Boo! This dwarf mongoose has realised that pumpkins are ideal for hide and seek.
Dwarf mongoose crawling through a pumpkin
Halloween is here and the animals at Chester Zoo in Cheshire have got their pumpkin treats. This Galapagos tortoise seems peckish!
Galapagos tortoise biting a pumpkin
Rather than a scary face, a special spider carving has been made here, though the Monserrat tarantula might be getting a little confused...
Spider crawling over a pumpkin
And this black rhino is getting stuck in!
Rhino biting a pumpkin
This meerkat takes a peek around to make sure no one is about to steal his pumpkin treat.
Meerkat and his pumpkin
But it's not just Chester Zoo! Whipsnade Zoo has also been getting their animals into the Halloween spirit. Although this chimp looks like a witch's hat might cheer him up!
Chimpanzee with pumpkin
This otter might not seem excited but perhaps it's plotting who to terrify this evening...
Otter next to a pumpkin
This ring-tailed lemur explores his orange treat by poking its eye.
ring tailed lemur exploring pumpkin
This red panda is taking things a bit slower looking curiously at the carved creation. The bamboo hairdo is a nice addition!
A red panda looking at a carved pumpkin